Ensure your HR Policies and Practices are fully aligned with your Business Strategy and your desired culture.


Setting the Strategic Direction & Aligning HR Systems

We work with our clients supporting them on the process of revisiting their Vision, Mission, Culture and Business Strategy Definition. That would be the corner stone for setting the Work Force Strategy and defining the right HR Processes and Systems to deploy that strategy. 



Developing new habits skills.

Individual or Team

People Strategy

A ‘Workforce/People Strategy’ complements the business strategy by providing practical details of how the business strategy will be executed through its people. Components of a ‘Workforce/People Strategy’ include a ‘People Philosophy’ and an inventory or ‘strategic capabilities, ‘key positions’ and ‘talent’.

People Score Card and Talent Action Plan are the key elements to secure the source of Talent, specially in the Key Positions, required to deploy and execute the strategy. Under differentiation strategy Key Positions will be fulfilled with Key Players as we focus additional resources in critical roles.

HR Systems & Tools

We work with our clients to revisit and, when needed redefine, their Compensation & Benefits structures, Performance Management, Competency Models, Training & Development and Employee Engagement systems and programs.


Work Force Score Card

Systems & Processes